What are some recommended technologies for the classroom?

I decided to do a quick google search to see what the masses are saying about technology in the classroom and what technologies are recommended. Here’s some of the websites I checked out:

This actually gives a pretty good overview of technology in the classroom going from smart boards to network and distributed learning


This is a hilarious overview of allllllll the technologies we use in our schools


This is an OK list that discusses tech like Moodle, interactive projectors, and Live Scribe


This is actually a really cool blog with a fun and interesting list of six useful Ed Tech tools like Sway and Autodraw:


I feel that this is also a good opportunity to mention the Theory of Multimedia Learning as it pertains to this list of technologies. We can’t simply introduce technologies, we must introduce ones that are truly effective for learning while weaving them in with other forms of educational media. The Multimedia Learning Theory essentially lists as set of guidelines that best allows for learning to occur when using images, text, and audio. For example the theory states that people learn better from graphics and narration than from animation and that people learn better from words and pictures when used together, than from words alone, etc. This theory could serve as a sort of filter for appropriate technologies to use in the classroom based on the theories attributes/criteria.


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